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A Wedding On A Budget. Ways To Save Money..

A Wedding On A Budget. Ways To Save Money..
Author : Wedding Photography Select

Think of your wedding as a considered financial commitment. First up, make a list of everything that will need paying for. Have conversations with family members who have kindly offered to contribute towards paying the costs of your wedding.

Build in a contingency cost of 5-10% of your total budget. This is your ‘buffer’ amount that will pay for extras, like hire item delivery costs.

Do your supplier research. Compare and contrast thoroughly. Draw up a spreadsheet and review if you can undertake any elements of planning as DIY projects.

Decide on your priorities. Choose three key areas to spend money on and be incredibly strict with the other categories.

Save on wedding invitations and direct your guests to a wedding website which gives them all the details of your nuptials. It saves precious pounds and is a ‘green’ option too.

Remember: multi purpose design features save hard earned money if budgets are tight. To save on the cost of flowers, combine decorative table centerpieces with dessert options. Forget the sugared almonds in ornate china teacups designed by Fortnum and Mason; choose simple wedding favours such as single apples adorned with luggage tags, which also serve as individual place settings.
Make one element luxurious to transform a whole look. An ornate charger plate or coloured glass at each place setting can lift the whole look of your table designs.

Dress your wedding cake table with the wedding party’s bouquets as your reception begins.
As an alternative to expensive luxury floral displays, focus on keeping them minimal and enhance your marriage venue with candles. Order rose petals to complement them; they are often very inexpensive.

Never underestimate the effect of lighting in your wedding design. It can totally transform a venue at a cost that’s quite competitive compared to using the services of other wedding suppliers.

Florals in Focus: How to do it the DIY way:
Buy in Season. Avoid paying a premium for imported blooms.

Fake it. The emphasis here is not on silk. If you’re going for obvious fakery as a statement design piece (that can look completely amazing) Paper florals are the answer. Paper garlands are also massively in trend and contribute to beautiful wedding designs at incredibly affordable prices.

plan a wedding on budget

Use big blooms like hydrangeas. They look bulky and luxurious but are quite inexpensive!

Get creative with ‘props’ to bulk up your selections, lemons and limes, pine cones etc.

Use scented flowers wisely in your wedding designs, especially around food, it can get too much.

If you are decorating your wedding cake with flowers, make sure that you have told your florist; some types are particularly unsuitable to be used in food presentation.

Aside from the arranging, if you’re buying your flowers direct, know how to look after them! First up, refer to the Plants and Flowers Association for exceedingly useful advice.

Some general tips:
1. Always transport in water
2. Transport at a temperature of 2-5 degrees C, with the exception of Orchids and Anthurium which must be transported at a minimum of 15 degrees C.
3. Do not transport flowers together with vegetables or fruit. Ethylene fumes are extremely damaging and your blooms will not survive.
4. In extreme cold, cover your blooms with cling film whilst in transit but maintain airflow.
5. Let flowers acclimatise in 10-15cm of clean water for a few hours and use flower food after removing 3cm diagonally from the base of flower stems.

Get surfing online. Visit Pinterest and Etsy and other design/crafty/wedding blogs for inspiration. A bit of creativity goes a long way for a wedding on a budget! What you lack in funds, make up for by way of effort and creativity. Personalised touches often create the most memorable weddings.

How To Make The Perfect Wedding Day Speech.

How To Make The Perfect Wedding Day Speech.
Author : Wedding Photography Select

how to make the perfect wedding day speech

The perfect wedding speech has one top priority; it should cover the customary vital elements that tradition dictates.

Each member of the bridal party has an essential ‘checklist’ they should adhere to; Debrett’s provide a comprehensive online guide. If it’s the groom’s public speaking under focus, he needs to be making sure he’s delivering a speech that compliments his bride. He must then go on to highlight aspects of the wedding day that have been particularly enjoyed by the happy couple. The groom must proceed to thank both sets of parents, friends and anyone else who has contributed to the wedding.

The groom’s speech is an opportunity to present gifts to the best man, bridesmaids, his new mother-in-law and his own mother. His speech should conclude with thanking and toasting the bridesmaids. A groom who has got those elements covered can relax and know he’s delivered the essentials!

make the perfect wedding day speech

If you’re delivering a wedding speech, it’s vital to know your audience. Appreciate the age range you’ll be addressing on the day. Risqué ‘pub-appropriate banter’ (esteemed by your friends’ ears only) is unlikely to appeal to elderly members of the wedding party.

Do your research. Stay mindful of any awkward family politics and avoid stories and jokes that could be considered insensitive or, at worst, offensive. Make sure that any anecdotes have a clearly discernable meaning. Even if your speech contains ‘in-jokes’, they need to be accessible – on one level at least, by everyone in the room.

Speak at a snail’s pace! It’s advisable to speak twice as slowly when addressing an audience. It really helps the clarity of your speech and enhances everyones enjoyment.
Take a deep breath and speak slowly. If possible, use technology to record yourself running through your speech beforehand. It’s a handy way to evaluate its length and suitable content.

If you can, hire a microphone and amp speaker to enhance the delivery of your speech. It’s a great investment; acoustics vary at venues and the wedding party will feel disappointed if they can’t hear you.

Know where your speech is scheduled on the day; pace yourself accordingly until you’ve safely delivered it. If you’re in charge of timings, schedule your speech wherever if feels most appropriate and comfortable. If you envisage feeling nervous, plan to deliver your speech early in the proceedings. It will allow you to enjoy the fun elements of the big day knowing that you’ve got the job done!

the perfect wedding day speech

Finally, be yourself when you make a speech. Unless you’re extremely witty and/or a hopeless romantic, don’t try and conform to those kind of speeches on the day! Observe traditional etiquette, then stick to the points you want to make, delivering them in your own style. Oh, and avoid the Internet for content inspiration (especially one-liners); everyone can spot a ‘Googled’ speech a mile off!

Tips For Picking Your Perfect Wedding Dress.

Tips For Picking Your Perfect Wedding Dress.
Author : Wedding Photography Select

Now that you’ve said ‘yes’, it’s time to find the one.

No, we don’t mean trading your fiance in for a better model; it’s time to slip some (suitable) shoes on and make the ultimate commitment prior to your marriage: finding a wedding dress that you love and sticking with it.

There are three types of wedding dress:

Couture, Made to Measure and Off the Peg.

A Couture wedding dress will be made exclusively for you by a designer and to your exact measurements.

Made to measure dresses are cut from the nearest pattern size to your measurements and will then be altered to fit you.

Off the Peg wedding dresses are the ones you see hanging in wedding dress shops, ready to purchase immediately. Alterations are made to them post purchase to ensure that they are as close a fit as possible.

Start wedding dress shopping 9-12 months before your wedding. It’s essential that you allow a long lead-time on this as due to extreme demand they take a long time to materialise (excuse the pun).

The finer details
Ring ahead and book an appointment, if necessary. Due to popularity and their need to provide patrons with highly attentive service, turning up and simply browsing with the intention to have a casual ‘try on’ is not an option at many wedding dress shops.

Spare your blushes and wear appropriate underwear. An ill-fitting bra spells complete disaster to a dress fitting experience. So does ‘barely there’ underwear that leaves nothing to the imagination. You’ll require assistance to get in and out of wedding dresses. Feeling naked apart from some pop socks is not going to enhance your confidence in any way.

It’s best not to start your married life by having to hide your credit card bills from your new husband. Blowing the budget on a wedding dress purchase is a common (and disastrous) theme. Girls tend to go overboard in this area of wedding planning; maybe because it’s the one area that they’re left footloose and fancy free to do all on their own.

Don’t do dress shopping solo. Always get a second opinion. This will ideally be from someone who is near and dear to you but also brutally honest. You’ll appreciate it when your wedding photos don’t tell the ‘back fat’ story. Trust us.

picking your perfect wedding dress

Take your time. If you’re feeling pressurized in a wedding dress shop to make a decision, then that particular boutique isn’t right for you. Return to ‘the one’ for a second viewing of your dress before committing. It’s a big choice to make and one that you’ve got to be 100% happy with in the lead up to your big day.

Do things in the right order. Don’t choose shoes and a headpiece before you’ve chosen your dress; it dictates everything, from how your hair will be styled through to the earrings/necklace combination that you’re going for.

When you’ve decided on your gown, purchase the shoes for your wedding day. Return to a fitting wearing them so that you’re able to have the length of your dress finalized entirely accurately.

Treat your final fitting like a literal dress rehearsal. If possible, have your hair styled how it will be on your wedding day (if you’re super organised, book your hair trial to take place just before you go to the dress appointment!) and try on your gown with all the right underwear and accessories to complete the look.

After your wedding, get your dress professionally cleaned before the six-week mark. Stains oxidise over time and become very difficult to remove.

Top 10 Tips For Creating A Perfect Wedding Gift List.

Top 10 Tips For Creating A Perfect Wedding Gift List.
Author : Wedding Photography Select

1. Register with a gift list at least six months before your wedding day. Gift list services usually only have a certain number of clients at any given time. Leave organising this until later, and there may not be availability. It is also advisable to give your guests ample time to consider their selections and make a purchase.

2. Make sure the gift list service you are registering with offers a personal, expert service. Is there someone from the service who can advise you and your guests on the different gift options?

3. Try out the gift list prior to committing. Is the process of selecting and purchasing a gift pretty comprehensive? Ideally visuals should be made available online so that people can see images of the gifts they wish to buy, in advance.

Your Gift Selections

4. You may have accumulated many household basics long before any wedding plans, so sit down with your partner and note down what you already have between you. Be very methodical: start with the basics – what do you have? What could supplement what you already have?

5. Consider crockery/cutlery – perhaps you have a mishmash of items between you, and this would be a fantastic opportunity to get some gorgeous sets in a theme of your choice?

top 10 tips for wedding gifts

6. Household items – think about the size of the items you have. Are they easily stored in your home? If you are planning on moving home, think about the storage in your new home. Perhaps a more compatible Hoover would be the perfect gift?

7. Linens- this could be a lovely opportunity to get some fresh tableware, towelling or bedding that you and your partner can choose together.

Consider unusual gifts

8. Make sure you add in some hobby gifts after you’ve covered the basics: perhaps you enjoy the outdoor life? Some garden furniture or a BBQ could be a perfect gift?

9. Perhaps you love relaxing with a game? You could add a luxury edition of your favourite board game or a beautifully crafted chess set. These are keepsakes that you would not necessarily purchase yourself, but guests will love these personal options, knowing that their gift to you will be treasured.


10. Ensure that your list contains a variety of gifts to suit all budgets. Doing so will ensure that everyone who wishes to give you a wedding gift can purchase one.

The Complete Guide to Toastmasters.

The Complete Guide to Toastmasters.
Author : Wedding Photography Select

Put simply, a skilled toastmaster ensures that everything runs smoothly on your wedding day. Does that mean he or she guarantees that you and your partner live happily ever. Unfortunately not, but a professional toastmaster will make sure that your wedding day goes without a hitch!

A toastmaster adds an extra sense of occasion to the day. While maintaining an unobtrusive presence throughout, good toastmasters give the wedding party and their guests the feeling that they are being looked after and that the event is under control.

What does a toastmaster do?
The toastmaster will be there to greet the bride and groom when they arrive at the wedding reception.

He or she can also help to gather up members of the bridal party for photographs and videos for the official photographer.
Welcome guests, show them where the facilities are, and try and answer any queries they have.
Announce the bridal party to the assembled guests.
Escort the bride and groom to the top table.
Announce grace, and the cake cutting.
Announce the speeches and see they are called in the right order.
Bid guests farewell, offer thanks, and anything else that he or she agrees to at the request of the bride and groom.

complete guide to toastmasters

How to choose a toastmaster
A family member or friend often carries out the duties of a toastmaster, but the benefit of hiring a professional is that everyone, including the guests, can relax and enjoy themselves, knowing that every element of the day is under control and in good hands. A trained and experienced toastmaster should exude quiet confidence and will be able to make helpful suggestions and point out anything you may have overlooked. It goes without saying that a toastmaster should be friendly and personable, and someone you feel you can rely on to look after you and your guests on the big day.

Professional toastmasters are likely to belong to an association, so make sure he or she is available for the wedding date and that all fees are agreed in advance. On the day itself, the toastmaster should arrive well in advance to liaise with the venue manager and catering staff over the running order and times for the reception. If you haven’t been recommended a toastmaster by a friend or associate, an online search will quickly produce a list of names, such as the Guild of Professional Toastmasters, The London Guild of Toastmasters, The UK School of Professional Toastmasters, The Institute of Toastmasters of Great Britain, and The English Toastmasters Association.

Once you’ve researched possible options, ensure that you meet with your toastmaster, or at least have a telephone conversation with them prior to signing a contract committing them to their presence on your wedding day. Character counts; choose a toastmaster who you feel will gel really well with your guests and oversee events of the day in a charismatic, yet unobtrusive manner. After all, your wedding is an occasion for celebration, not a military operation!

Tips For Hiring Your Wedding Band.

Tips For Hiring Your Wedding Band.
Author : Wedding Photography Select

Live music can provide the soundtrack to unforgettable moments on your wedding day. It’s important that your choice of live band reflects your musical tastes, as a couple. Their musical style and proposed set list must also support the ambience you envisage creating on your big day.

Things to consider
Consider your wedding venue when booking a live band. Is there actually room for them to perform? Some venues have restrictions on entertainment; for example, groups that exceed 5 members might be banned.

Does a band performing at your wedding require public liability insurance? Many venues will require proof of this as a statutory requirement; without it a live band will not be given permission to perform at your wedding.

Set a budget in advance for a live band at your wedding. This is an important consideration; different groups of live performers have widely varying costs.

Avoid a complete turn-off
Many wedding venues now feature sound meters, meaning that if the volume of music reaches a preset level, the power cuts out. Sometimes, these meters need to be reset by staff at a venue. Others feature a ‘timeout’ facility, meaning that they do not allow live music to restart for a set period of time. Avoid a wedding disaster! Prior to booking a live band, check with your venue if there is a sound meter, and if so, what decibel limit it is set to. It’s also necessary to determine what type; is it a hand held one or permanently wall fixed? There is normally greater flexibility with a hand held device.

Due to local council legislation, sound meters are becoming progressively common. Live bands are used to working within required sound level but it is essential that you are aware of the decibel limit before booking a band so that you can double check its suitability for their performance. A good live band will be able to accurately advise as to whether or not they can work with any restrictions that are in place, without it compromising anyone’s enjoyment.

How to find a live band
Chances are, you might have enjoyed a live band at a friend’s wedding, or seen one performing locally. Seeing a live band perform at an occasion similar to yours is a great way of checking out if they’re suitable to feature at your own wedding celebration. When researching bands, look for live videos of them performing online, and listen to tracks available, either on a cd or on their website. If you haven’t seen a band live, be sure to check out references or seek recommendations from your friends (ideally those with similar musical tastes, to avoid nasty surprises!)

Another great way to source a good live band is via a renowned entertainment agency. Again, seek recommendations, as with everything, there are the good agencies, the bad and the ugly; your wedding isn’t the day to find out! A renowned agency has great contacts on their books and will be able to find you a live band to suit your desired musical genre; ideal if you’re looking for performers who have a very particular style. Bear in mind that you’ll be paying a premium rather than ‘going direct’ if you’re dealing with an agency, but for peace of mind it can definitely be worth it.

tips for hiring your wedding band

A band’s rider is the document that details the terms of your booking and establishes the requirements of the live performers. You will need to make sure that all terms are agreeable to you prior to signing a contract with a live band.

Usual details featured on a live band’s rider are:

1. Size of the band, including any sound engineers and/or roadies.
2. Their required size of stage area.
3. Requested power for the band; particularly relevant if they are performing in a temporary outdoor structure, such as a marquee.
4. Their changing room requirements and provision of security for their belongings.
5. The band’s meal requirements on your wedding day and their individual dietary needs.
6. Time needed for them to set up and sound check.
7. Options for early set up, and establishment of any extra costs for this service.
8. The band’s performance times and rough set lists. How long are their sets, and how long are their breaks in between?
9. Will they provide ‘filler music’ in breaks, or are you expected to do so?
10. Confirmation of their payment terms and a copy of their public liability insurance.

Consider logistics in advance
If your live band is going to be performing in the same room as your wedding reception sit-down meal, consider the space available and whether or not you’re happy for them to set up in front of your guests. If that doesn’t suit, consider hiring the band to set up and sound check prior to your wedding. Logistically, this can definitely work better, especially in smaller venues, where band members installing equipment and checking sound levels could potentially disrupt your guests as they are dining.

Final arrangements
Check the designated performance area’s suitability. Does it have enough sockets available, as per the band’s rider? When you’re producing a plan for your wedding day, note the set times of your live band and plan when they will be having a meal (check this time with your caterer). If your live band will be introducing your first dance or the cutting of your wedding cake, make this approximate time clear in advance so that they are fully aware of the schedule. What’s next? Prepare to hit the dance floor!

When Should I Announce My Wedding?

When Should I Announce My Wedding?
Author : Wedding Photography Select

You’ve just made the most important decision of your life,you’ve chosen your life partner. Now brace yourself to make a million more tiny (yet significant) choices between now and the wedding, starting with the decision on when to announce your wedding.

First of all, don’t get ahead of yourself. Enjoy your engagement and the special bond it creates between you and your partner. However, it is worth bearing in mind that weddings don’t just come together overnight. The best venues and suppliers are likely to be booked up a year (or more) in advance, and you will need to work within these timescales as far as possible, while also giving your guests plenty of notice.

Here are a few classic dos and don’ts when it comes to announcing your wedding:

Do take your time
It’s natural to want to scream it from the rooftops the second you get engaged, and start planning for your big day immediately. But take a breath and hold back a little. Enjoy this blissful time when your imminent wedding is a happy little secret between you and the only other person who matters.

Once you’ve set a date, the countdown begins, so make the most of this time while it lasts.

Don’t forget about your suppliers
The timing of your announcement will depend greatly on the availability of your suppliers. After you have booked the venue, the next step is to choose your key vendors: the photographer, the florist, the caterers, the wedding band and, of course, the ceremony official. This is particularly important if you have your heart set on a specific person, as their availability may lead you to change the date.

stick to wedding tradition

Last year, Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne broke a million hearts when they announced their respective engagements in The Times. The traditional newspaper announcement is a classy and romantic way to precede any ‘save the dates’, and will definitely go down well with the older generations.

Don’t do it in a Facebook post
Yes, it’s free. Yes, all your guests (bar great-aunt Agnes) are on social media. But announcing your wedding in an email, a tweet or worst of all an updated Facebook relationship status, is a cost-saving step too far. Not only will you have to clarify your invite policy in a public forum, you risk turning your invitation admin into a full time job, as people will feel that they can just message you directly with RSVPs and any other tiny detail that comes to mind. Sometimes the tried and tested card in the post method really wins out.

Do I Need To Feed My Wedding Photographer.

Do I Need To Feed My Wedding Photographer.
Author : Wedding Photography Select

As the cost of your wedding escalates, it will be tempting to cut a few corners here and there. There are, however, a few moments when spending a little extra can prove beneficial. You don’t have to feed all of your wedding vendors, but ideally you really should offer your photographer something to eat.

Your photographer has a long day, he or she may have to travel a long distance to get to your venue, and then will be incredibly busy all day taking images of everything, from the preparations and ceremony, to the official portraits, your first dance, reception, and everything in between.

do I need to feed my wedding photographer

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you should seat your photographer with your guests for the evening meal, in fact, that may prove awkward for everyone involved. But you should make some suitable arrangements well ahead of the big day.

1. Ask for vendor rates
Some venues will offer you a discount (or complimentary) meal for key vendors, such as the photographer, videographer, florist and band. The most popular venues will be dealing with vendors on a near-daily basis so they will be able to advise you on the usual expectations. Many venues will offer the use of a smaller room or a public dining room where vendors can dine away from the wedding party.

2. Read the contract
Check your photographer’s contract before the big day, it is not unusual to find some provision for food in the small print. Your photographer may expect a sit down dinner with the other guests during the reception, and you don’t want to have an awkward situation on your hands when they can’t find their name on the seating plan.

3. Don’t forget the assistant
Many photographers will suggest that you hire a ‘second shooter’ who accompanies them and catches those unplanned moments. In the absence of a second photographer, they may instead opt to bring an assistant or trainee with them to maximise the quantity (and variety) of shots. In the week before the wedding, check in with your photographer and ask if they are bringing anyone else along. That will give you enough time to update the seating plan or alert the venue.

4. Co-ordinate the canapés
If you have arranged to have canapés or snacks served throughout the reception, make sure the caterers know to offer them to your photographer and other vendors as well. Hungry photographers = blurry photos.

5. Don’t feed them
Of course; if it’s not stated as a condition of their contract, you reserve the right not to offer your photographer a meal at your wedding. If you opt not to provide them with food, give them plenty of prior warning so that they can bring their own refreshments.

Can I ask for money for my wedding gift list?

Can I ask for money for my wedding gift list?
Author : Wedding Photography Select

Can I ask for money for my wedding gift list?

Traditionally, a wedding gift list existed to help couples set up a home together. While gift lists do still commonly include household appliances, furniture, kitchenware and linens, etc. some couples will find that they have already accumulated many of these types of items throughout their courtship. What is best to do if you find yourself in this situation? Rest assured, you are not alone. In fact, this scenario is becoming increasingly common, and couples are often left wondering what household gifts they could include on their gift lists.

Perhaps you feel that if you were to go down this path, you would end up requesting and graciously accepting items for which you have no real need. If this is the case, explaining your domestic set-up to guests will help them appreciate why you have come to this decision. After all, no one wants to be buying a gift that isn’t going to be very useful to its recipients.

A popular way of broaching the subject of money as a wedding gift, is in the form of a poem! A poem is very personal and shows that you and your partner have put time, effort & thought into your gift list.

Can I ask for money instead of gifts

Perhaps you and your partner share a passion for travel? Or, is there a particular experience you have both been discussing and planning?
Instead of just asking for money, it would be more thoughtful if you put together a list of ‘bucket list items’ that you wish you could indulge in during your honeymoon. This way, guests will know you have considered your selections carefully, and they will enjoy knowing that they have gifted you a particular experience.

Choosing this route enables you to write and thank each guest afterwards; detailing the memories from the particular experience they gifted you! A great tip if you’re looking to make your ‘money’ gift list far more personal.

Perhaps you feel you have everything you need, and you have no use for extra cash. If this is so, consider asking your wedding guests to make a positive difference to a charity or cause that you support. Let your guests know where their charitable contributions will be going and provide a little explanation of how you came to choose the fund, plus what it means to you as a couple. This is both a logical and ethical approach to your gift list creation.

In many countries, the accepted way of asking for cash is to write “no boxed gifts”. This is not common practice in UK, so if you choose this route, expect to have to reiterate what you mean, on request! Also, be prepared to receive household gifts that have been unpacked (from the more literal guests)!

The Pros And Cons Of Prenuptial Agreements.

The Pros And Cons Of Prenuptial Agreements.
Author : Wedding Photography Select

There are few subjects as divisive as a prenuptial agreement. You have found the person you love and you are preparing to spend the rest of your lives together, just as soon as you both agree to a series of legally binding financial commitments. It’s a bit of a killjoy, to say the least.

Your feelings on the prenuptial agreement will very much depend on whether or not you are the person who has requested it in the first place. You may be under pressure from your family to protect inherited wealth, or you may want to put something in place that ensures you and your partner are both going to be taken care of in the future, no matter what.

A prenup doesn’t necessarily mean that you are preparing for a divorce before you’ve even tied the knot. In fact, prenups are becoming more and more common these days and the stigma is starting to fade. So should you consider it?

The pros

If one (or both) of you have children from a previous relationship, a prenuptial agreement will protect their inheritance, should anything happen to you. If you have already made provisions for this in your will, a prenup will act as a sort of insurance policy on the off-chance that your will is contested.

pros and cons of prenuptial agreements

A prenup can help lay out the day-to-day and year-to-year financial arrangements for your forthcoming marriage. For instance, how are mortgage repayments going to be divided? Who takes charge of paying the bills? Who will manage the joint savings account? Money is one of the most contentious issues in marriage, so it can really help to have these things ironed out before the wedding. Once you get married, your tax liabilities will change, so this could be a useful opportunity to get on top of your soon-to-be joint finances.

Nobody goes into marriage expecting a divorce, but unfortunately, divorce does happen. A prenup is the only airtight way of protecting your assets and ensuring that any divorce proceedings are as (relatively) painless as possible.

The cons

There is no getting away from the fact that prenups are decidedly unromantic. In the run-up to your wedding, you want to be able to celebrate your love, not hash out financial agreements in case of a divorce. Money is a very sensitive subject for some people, and the prenup discussions could lead to a few shocking revelations and serious arguments.

Prenup negotiations can drag on indefinitely, and if you are up against a tight deadline, you risk making some bad decisions or missing a key point.

If you are asking your beloved to sign a prenup, they are well within their rights to draw up a version of their own and you might not like what it has to say. Traditionally, prenups were created to protect the existing wealth of one or both parties, but recently, they have been expanded to include potential custody plans, divorce settlements, and living arrangements. They can even feature clauses on infidelity, prolonged absence and anniversary ‘bonus’ payments. Make sure you know what you are letting yourself in for before you open that can of worms!