Do I Need To Feed My Wedding Photographer.

Do I Need To Feed My Wedding Photographer.
Author : Wedding Photography Select

As the cost of your wedding escalates, it will be tempting to cut a few corners here and there. There are, however, a few moments when spending a little extra can prove beneficial. You don’t have to feed all of your wedding vendors, but ideally you really should offer your photographer something to eat.

Your photographer has a long day, he or she may have to travel a long distance to get to your venue, and then will be incredibly busy all day taking images of everything, from the preparations and ceremony, to the official portraits, your first dance, reception, and everything in between.

do I need to feed my wedding photographer

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you should seat your photographer with your guests for the evening meal, in fact, that may prove awkward for everyone involved. But you should make some suitable arrangements well ahead of the big day.

1. Ask for vendor rates
Some venues will offer you a discount (or complimentary) meal for key vendors, such as the photographer, videographer, florist and band. The most popular venues will be dealing with vendors on a near-daily basis so they will be able to advise you on the usual expectations. Many venues will offer the use of a smaller room or a public dining room where vendors can dine away from the wedding party.

2. Read the contract
Check your photographer’s contract before the big day, it is not unusual to find some provision for food in the small print. Your photographer may expect a sit down dinner with the other guests during the reception, and you don’t want to have an awkward situation on your hands when they can’t find their name on the seating plan.

3. Don’t forget the assistant
Many photographers will suggest that you hire a ‘second shooter’ who accompanies them and catches those unplanned moments. In the absence of a second photographer, they may instead opt to bring an assistant or trainee with them to maximise the quantity (and variety) of shots. In the week before the wedding, check in with your photographer and ask if they are bringing anyone else along. That will give you enough time to update the seating plan or alert the venue.

4. Co-ordinate the canapés
If you have arranged to have canapés or snacks served throughout the reception, make sure the caterers know to offer them to your photographer and other vendors as well. Hungry photographers = blurry photos.

5. Don’t feed them
Of course; if it’s not stated as a condition of their contract, you reserve the right not to offer your photographer a meal at your wedding. If you opt not to provide them with food, give them plenty of prior warning so that they can bring their own refreshments.